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Hello! Bello!


You can still visit my old blog post from Blogger on this webpage too!

Just simply click on Blogger on the menu bar on the main page!

Why am I changing to

I find it troublesome to always search for new blog template online. Because I don't really like the blog template on Blogger.

I used to spend money on buying blog templates too. Yes, paying USD for blog templates. But even after spending money, purchasing some blog templates I thought I would like but I still have to look out from the HTML with thousands of letters to edit the fonts and setting I do not like (*faint)

So, one day I was on Youtube, the advertisement of Wix came out and I thought that was very interesting and convenient! I can easily choose the blog template that I want and even change the display of every different sections, changing the fonts and colours, adjusting the positions of your photos all in one click!

Just the transition part, ( connecting your domain to Wix ) required a bit of time (might takes up to 48 hours) and some procedures to do after your domain is approved by Wix. I received my confirmation email within 2 hours!

Well, I am loving it so far!

Stay tuned on this site! I am coming back real soon!

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