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How to hike Dragon’s Back, Hong Kong

 Ever since I had my trip with my partner in Xi An, China,  I REALLY LOVE HIKING!

I've been to almost all the tourist attractions in Hong Kong like Disneyland, Big Buddha, Avenue of Stars, markets and etc. But hiking was never came to my mind. I am lucky this time to Hong Kong, I have wonderful colleagues willing to go hiking with me!

The weather forecasted in Hong Kong were cloudy and thunder rain for the whole week. I last minutes took out my hiking boots and bag before I left home because I thought I can never go hiking due to the bad weather. Luckily I still have my running shoes with me!

We started at Shek O Road, Tei Wan bus station. 

I hour to the peak, here we go!

 1/4 of the journey to the Dragon's back peak. The scenery was beautiful!

The trail we are taking. It gets more rocky after the peak.

Proper footwear is important!

 We are almost there!


 The view is everything I need!!!

Cheers from the Dragon's Back Peak! 

 You don't have to worry much if you get lost in the trail. There are location numbers located on the signboard.

The journey back to the other side of the trail (to Shek O Country Park, Cape Collinson bus stop) was more muddy and rocky compared to the trail on the way up from Tei Wan Bus Stop.

It was drizzling here and there also. But the weather was nice compared to hiking under the big hot sun.

If you hike up from Shek O Country Park from Cape Collinson bus stop, the trail is harder and required more energy as you are hiking uphill.

Walk about 700m you will see a bus stop. Take bus 9 to go back to Shau Kei Wan bus terminus. 

( Shortest and fastest bus route to the nearest MTR station!)

Thank you for the awesome company! From the 11km run in San Francisco to the morning hike in Hong Kong, I am truly blessed! It made me lost 1 kg within 5 days and toned muscles! HAHA!

Tips to hike Dragon Back's Trail

  • Bring Sun block, Sunglasses and hats!!! As there are no more trees or shades on top of the peak. It was 30 degrees. But it was drizzling at some areas too.

  • Proper footwear. As I mentioned in the post, the trail is muddy and rocky. To prevent any sprain ankles or fall down on the muddy road. 

  • Bring enough water and food like energy bar! *Chocolate will melt under the hot sun. So you might want to think twice.

  • Comfortable outfit. 

  • Small towel and tissue.

How to get to Hong Kong Dragon's Back Trail.

Alight at MTR Station: Shau Kei Wan (Blue line)

                   Exit A2 turn right to the bus terminus.

Walk to Platform K take Bus 9 to Shek O via to Tei Wan( Dragon's Back), Cap D'Aguilar, Big Wave Bay

Alight at Tei Wan bus stop ( 7 Stops,19 mins)

That will be the start of the Dragon Back's trail.

Going back to Shau Kei Wan MTR Station. 

Board Bus 9 at Cape Collinson bus stop (opposite, downwards back to town)

15 mins to Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus.

Difficulty : EASY

Google Map: Dragon Back's- Trail Start

Time: 2 Hours

You can follow my hiking route which is the easy route or you can the other way round from Shek O Country Park to Dragon's Back and to the other peak.

Photos are taken by Panasonic GF9 and Iphone 7 Plus

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