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ZhaShui, 柞水 #杰羚在西安

This is going to be a COLOURFUL POST!

Because I am bringing you to a COLOURFUL WORLD!

ZhaShui, 柞水

A county of Shangluo, Shaanxi.

ZhaShui Karst Cave located 6KM from ZhaShui town, 2 hours bus ride from Xi An.

My partner and I got up very early (at 5 A.M) wanted to catch the early bus to ZhaShui. But we didn't know by walking from our hotel to the bus terminal already took us 30 mins. We were not familiar with their bus ticketing system. So we had to queued up and bought the bus tickets to Hua Shan for the next day as well.

We arrived ZhaShui Karst Cave at 10.30am. But it was like a ghost town. Ticketing counter was opened but they said they were unable to sell us ticket because it has been raining the day before, it might affect the karst and it is for our safety also. I got disappointed. Because we took 2 hours bumpy ride to ZhaShui to see these magical karst cave. =((

But few minutes later...the worker started to remove all the safety barriers and told us we can buy tickets already!!!


We didn't buy the ticket with escalator. We climbed up MANY STAIRS to reach the entrance to the karst cave.


The view from the karst cave.

Panorama in one of the section in the karst cave.

After visiting the karst cave. you can "slide" down instead of walking the steps. HAHA! (RMB30/One time)

How to get to ZhaShui Karst Cave from Xi An.

Only bus can reach ZhaShui, bus ticket to be purchased at Bus terminal (西安汽車站).

Bus ticket price, RMB 33.5 (Per person)

ZhaShui Karst Cave ticket:

Adult: RMB 84

Student: RMB 42

With Escalator: RMB 114

Operating Hours:

Peak Period (MAR-NOV): 08:30-17:30

Off-season (DEC-FEB): 09:00-17:00

Address: Shiweng Country, Zhashui County 711400, China

Spending time: 1hr 30 mins to 2 Hours

Before visiting ZhaShui Karst Cave:

  1. Make sure you check the forecast to avoid any disappointment! Because karst cave will not be opened if raining.

  2. Remember to bring your Identification Card or Passport to buy transport tickets! For insurance purpose.

  3. Proper footwear is important as it is quite slippery in the karst cave.

  4. Bring jacket or wear thicker cloths. Because it is cooling in the cave.

  5. Ask the driver what time is the next bus back to Xi An.The bus driver has to stop by ZhaShui to pick up more passengers back to Xi An. Make sure you ask the driver when is the next bus as their information not really that accurate!

  6. If you have are a student or have student pass, your student pass can help you to save a lot of money for entrance fee!

  7. Not necessary to hire tour guide.

  8. Visit in the morning! Lesser people, so you can take nicer photos!

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