3 places you MUST VISIT in Lin Tong, Xi An!

On our second last day in Xi An, we spent half day in Lin Tong (臨潼).

LinTong is one of the nine district in Xi An and it is only about 25km from Xi An.


1. Terracotta Army 兵馬俑

Emperor QinShiHuang's Mausoleum Site Museum.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang had begun to prepare his mausoleum since he was the emperor upon the ascending the throne at the age of 13. More than 7 hundred thousands of workers involved in building the terracotta warriors and his mausoleum, taking 11 years to finish.

The terracotta army is separated into 3 pits. However, Emperor Qin Shi Huang mausoleum is located 1.5km away from the museum site. Visitors have to take a shuttle bus to the mausoleum.

Emperor Qin's tomb has not been revealed till now.

Pit 1

The sculptures of soldiers and horses found in Pit 1.

This is the largest pit and was found in 1974.

Pit 2

Where the archer, cavalry and infantry soldiers excavated in this pit.

Pit 3

This pit excavated soldiers in command post with high ranking officers.

Duration: 2 hours.

We didn't manage to visit Emperor Qin's mausoleum because we didn't have enough time. If you are planning to visit the mausoleum, you have to spare another 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang mausoleum site.

photo from wikipedia.

2. Hua Qing Palace 華清池,

Hua Qing Hot Spring.

Statue of Yang Guifei.

She was known as one of the Four Beauties of ancient China and also the beloved consort for Emperor Tang Xuan Zhong during his later years.

The miniatures palace with lighting performance in one of the showing hall.

During summer, Hua Qing Palace will have live performances about the the love story of Emperor Tang and Yang GuiFei in front of the main palace.

**Details of the live performances will be stated at the end of the post.

There are a lot of hot spring spots in the palace.

Lian Hua Pool

Guifei Pool

You can also enjoy the hot spring in Hua Qing palace too by renting a hot spring room!

Imagine yourself like Yang GuiFei. hahahah!

Before we leave, we managed to catch the 40 mins long 3D movie specifically made for Hua Qing Palce. It is about the love story of Emperor Tang and Yang Gui Fei. We were told that it is only free screening during that period of time as a survey.

The theatre also limits to 50 people at one time. We were requited to removed our shoes and changed to a safety tube before entering the theatre.

It is screening everyday from 0900-1630 except Tuesday will be 1300-1630.

3D movie is 40 mins long and only allowed 50 audiences at a time.

Location: 玄境長生殿

Statue of Yang Gui Fei dancing with her dancers to entertain Emperor Tang Xuan Zong.

Duration: 1hour 30 mins.

3. Mount Li 驪山

Mount Li is located right behind Hua Qing Palace. Entrance is free as it is included with Hua Qing Palace ticket. It is optional for you to visit the top of Mount Li. Normally people will only visit till the Remonstrance Pavilion, 兵諫亭 and make their way to Terracotta.

We are an adventurous couple. So we decided to visit all the way up of Mount Li to Beacon Tower, 烽火台.

We started our journey from Zhaoyang Gate (昭陽門 ) up to Li Shan Goddess Hall (老母殿)then to Beacon Tower(烽火台) then back down to Zhaoyang Gate (昭陽門) via Qi Xi Bridge (七夕橋) and Remonstration Pavilion(兵諫亭).

Zhaoyang Gate (昭陽門)

五間廳, The venue of Xi An incident.

Where Chiang Kai Shek used to use this place as his office.

Three God Cave 三元洞

The view of Hua Qing Palace from Three Gods Cave.

The trekking trail.

Shangde Garden, 上德菀

There is cable car service in Li Shan which located at Li Shan Goddess Hall.

On route to Beacon Tower.

Too many steps to climb. But we were well pleased by the view behind us.

Beacon Tower 烽火台

We finally reached the peaked after countless of stairs!!!

Bird view of Lin Tong.

Qixi Bridge, 七夕橋

Where Emperor Tang Xuan Zong and Yang Gui Fei used to date.

Remonstration Pavilion, 兵諫亭

Where Chaing KaiShek was hiding during Xi An incident.

We spent 1.5 hours hiking the mountain. Made our total spending time in Hua Qing palace and Mount Li is 3 hours.

(Writing this post made me miss the trip so so so much T.T)

Terracotta Army definately is a place YOU MUST GO when you are in Xi An! If not, what is the point of you going to Xi An right? Even though we don't have enough time to spend in Terracotta Army.

However, we visited Hua Qing Palace and Mount Li first because we had our trip all commuted by public bus.

Note: Bus service (5) or 306 and 914 are the only public bus service to these attractions. However bus 306 only has ONE-WAY service. Meaning, bus 306 first stop will alight at Hua Qing Palace and last stop is Terracotta then back to Xi An. You CANNOT plan your trip the other way round ( Terracotta - Hua Qing - Xi An) if you want to take public transport, bus 306.

I had read travel journals/ books and also reviews and even the tour guide warning us not to take bus 914 /915 when coming back to Xi An. Because they will bring you a big round in Lin Tong before going back to Xi An.

Besides that, we took the first bus depart from Xi An to LinTong, by having the plan to visit Hua Qing Palace first then Terracotta was actually a very good plan! Because we managed to avoid the huge tourist crowds and by the time we reached Terracotta (even though it was bit late) there was lesser crowds too!

How to get to Hua Qing Palace, Mount LI (Lishan) and Terracotta Army?

As I mentioned in the post, we travelled LinTong by public transport. Bus (5) 306 is the most reliable public bus service I searched online. The bus fare is cheap and they have tour guide introduce and suggest us how to plan your trip within Hua Qing Palace and Terracotta Army.

Bus Location: Xi An Bus Terminal (right beside Xi An train station)

Fare: RMB 7 (per person)

Journey: 30 Mins (From Xi An to Hua Qing Palace)

Frequency : Every 10 mins

Service Hour: 0700-1900