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Be a hero in 2019.

‘If you were an animal, which one would you like to be?’

My answer is Sperm Whale.

Sperm whale, is the most admirable pelagic mammal I ever adore.

(Don't ask me why among the whales family I adore sperm whale the most. Because I also do not know why. )

I have adored sperm whale since I was 15, I fell in love with this beautiful creature after watching documentaries about ultimate living things in the sea on some discovery channel. ( I even used DVD to record all the episodes. LOL). I admire their gifted power which makes them dive into the deep sea for more than an hour to hunt for foods. They are strong to fight with giant squids. They are so mystical and they are a legend to me.

They are so amazing!

But human hunt them for spermaceti oil and ambergris. Sperm whale are endangered species and they are now protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act but some countries are still hunting them illegally.

Breaking news: Japan will resume whaling next year (2019) in July.

More informations can be found in google.

I am very upset about it and very disappointed with Japan government's decisions.

Recently, a lot of pollution news also surfaced and require our attention.

It is very sad that the earth has been polluted badly by us, human. Which is threatening all the living things on lands and in the oceans.

Photos are from


I cried over the news report that dolphins lost their way back home. Plastics and rubbish were found in whales’ tummy. Sea turtles were trapped by fishing nets and rubbish. Polar bears are having hard time to find a piece of solid ice to land on after swimming for days from hunting. Their ecosystem are interrupted by us, human again.

Picture from

What can we do now?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I think these basic waste management could help us a lot!

I tried my best to recycle every little things that I can recycle. I got influenced by my mum and brother. Back home in Jb, we will always stock up newspaper, milk and plastic bottles, cans, glasses, any recyclable materials and sell it to 'Karang guni' (Person who buy your junks and recyclable items by weighting. In Malaysia, a lorry/truck will drive around in your neighbourhood with loud speaker on playing 'KARANG GUNI' repeatedly). As now people has higher awareness on recycling, recycling truck is often seen more than Karang Guni trucks nowadays.

In oversea, I will always bring my recycle bag out for shopping. Because in States and Europe countries have already started recycling systems way faster than Asia. Few years ago, some states in Malaysia has already started 'No Plastic Day' on certain day. Meaning, people who did not prepare recycle bags for their groceries shopping will have to purchase plastic bag or recycle bag. Even Indonesia Bali has banned single-use plastics few days ago (on 24 Dec 2018) and targets 70 percent of plastic reduction in 2019!

However, I am still very upset about myself. Because there are many things that I can recycle at my work place but it’s just hard to work out on flight. The amount of plastics we use on one flight are unimaginable. However, I’m really glad that some of my passengers aware of it and insist to use the same plastic cup throughout the flight.

My company has started to recycle glasses and educate us to reduce wastage. They are working with The Food Bank Singapore too! But I still meet a lot of colleagues think that recycling only benefits the company and they refuse to do it. (Even educated me why would I even recycle a Sakae glass. THAT’S A GLASS TOO!)

SammieXembriodery art work. Ideal created by Samantha Lau.

I would like to say, we save their world are also saving our world for our future generations. We do not know how long more the earth can survive and it will get tougher for all the living things in the future time because of climate changes, global warming, pollutions and etc. These are caused by us. In the near future, our children might not know what is polar bear, they might not have a clean air to breath, they might not have clean beach to play sands, they might not even have clean water to drink...

'But now, we can try our best to prevent it to happen so soon right?'

In Singapore, they are a lot of things you can recycle in the blue recycling bin.

Below is the list I took from NEA website, for everyone to understand that things you can and cannot throw in the blue recycling bin.

You can read how Singapore's plastic waste is recycled on this link

and waste management programme in Singapore

My embroidery art work and a very special postcard from my best friend.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Let's make it as one of your new year resolution in 2019.

Try to save the earth and our future, ok?

Have a great 2019!

With Love, Sammie.

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